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Jungle Disk  v.2.10a / 2.49c Beta

Jungle Disk Desktop Edition lets you store files and automatically backup data easily and securely to's S3 Storage Service.The full list of changes since the previous beta is below: * Native filesystem support on Windows * Added EU support

Flash Synchron  v.1.0

Automatically synchronize data between one or more computers and flash drive.

TrackRecord for Mac OS  v.1.3.2

An easy to use application for transferring data from your Polar RS200, CS200 or F6 heart rate monitor to your Mac. Features: - Automatically imports data from your Polar RS200, RS200sd, CS200, CS200cad, F6 or F7 heart rate monitor using the

Comm Operator Pal  v.

It is a free tool to test and debug device or application that communicated with RS232, TCP/IP, UDP and HTTP. It supports data in Text, Decimal and Hex format. Data can be sent in list automatically. Single data can be sent repeatedly.

Forkback  v.0.2

Forkback is a backup script written for the UNIX bash shell that backups data using tar. It can be used to write data to a backup server or any directory saving space using compression and granting security using gpg


JATOMIX-DEPOT is a persistence layer for Java, working on relational databases, that carries out the whole communication with the database through a simple API-interface and generates automatically the data model for any unmanipulated java

Cybersenioren  v.1.0

CyberSenioren is a gui-interface for people in later adulthood(Seniors). This interface is a full working environment. It is possible to add own plugins. Also a Manager which makes automatically backups in background is integrated.

Theseus' Thread Project  v.1.0

Theseus' Thread Project project intents to create a tool that can automatically generate data to test all conditions of a method or procedures just reading the source code.

SourceGrid  v.

SourceGrid is a basic .NET grid control. It allows simple data to be displayed without relying on XML. Useful for simple apps, it lacks databinding, WYSIWYG design-time and printer support, as well as grouping and master/detail capabilities.

Advanced System Tune up  v.

Advanced System Tune up gives you the ability of checking your system performance, improving your system performance and repairing the system registry which is important to keep your system performing well. It consists of many useful modules.

Hot-time Backup Professional  v.3.3.25

A powerful and easy-to-use tool, Easy backs up and protects the files and data you care about such as files, folders, documents, emails, photos, address book, and settings

SharePoint Scrubber  v.1.0

SharePoint Scrubber provides SharePoint Administrators a deletion tool that will ensure that data that is properly disposed of. Often times, there is sensitive data that is stored on your SharePoint machines. This data can be stored at several levels

Value Backup Professional  v.4.3.24

Value Backup Professional is a powerful and easy-to-use tool, Easy backs up and protects the files and data you care about such as files, folders, documents, emails, photos, address book, and settings from your favorite programs such as Internet

FlyCat  v.1.2

FlyCat is a handy and reliable utility designed to display the selected images and data from one computer to another. The program is designed to be used in technical shops and warehouses. First monitor is facing to a warehouse worker and the second

Web Startup Toolbar for Linux  v.1.7

Pulls data from CrunchBase (funding/exit details)

Advanced System Tuneup  v.

Gives you the ability of checking and improving your system performance.

MetaX for Windows  v.2.10

It can let you tag your movies for a professional display in iTunes, Apple TV.

Unipeek MSN Monitor  v.2.0

Unipeek MSN Monitor (MSN sniffer) is a free MSN monitoring tool designed for MSN chat monitoring and MSN message archiving. Only install Unipeek MSN Monitor once, you can monitor all MSN chats over the entire network. Designed for both home and SMBs.

ESET SysInspector  v.

ESET develops antivirus software and security solutions that deliver instant comprehensive protection against evolving computer security threats.ESET pioneered and leads the industry in proactive threat detection. Over the past 9 years, ESET has

UniTTY  v.2.0.2

UniTTY is a multi-protocol client that provides you an impressive suite of connectivity applications in one easy-to-use package. UniTTY is fast, feature-rich with heavy emphasis placed upon administrative efficiency and ease of use. UniTTY is a

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